Cost vs Value

30 Minute Meeting


We begin every engagement with our FREE 30 Minute Meeting.

This format allows a Business Owner, Franchisee, Franchisor or Entrepreneur to introduce their concept and describe the challenges they are facing.

CGP  develops a fee schedule for every budget. Weekly or monthly rates, fees for projects, equity position etc.

Most clients prefer a Monthly Retainer for greater impact and quicker results across multiple areas i.e. Strategic Growth, Increased Profitability, Operations Improvement, Franchise Support etc.

Complete the brief summary on our When to Contact Us page…and schedule your FREE 30 Minute Meeting

Experience or Transaction

Which Do You Provide?

Customers may not remember what you said our did...but they will always remember how you made them feel...

Is your customer experience strategy centered on building long term relationships...or is it driven by the urgency of the moment?

CGP believes all business is relationship based

In our experience the most positive, productive and profitable outcomes happen when everyone engages in open communication with mutual respect

Relationship based client partnerships are achieved when both the economics and the “core values” of the business are clearly understood.